“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” ― Mark Twain

About Me

My desire is to be something devastatingly genuine, warm, and welcoming. There’s nothing more stimulating for me, than to be the woman that interrupts your busy thoughts with delicious moments of desire and playfulness… a surreal memory that lingers on your skin, overwhelming you with desire while you’re attempting to get work done; a sly smile on your lips long after we have parted, as you think about our secrets.

Monthly and long term arrangements are preferred. I enjoy building a taboo relationship on a sturdy hedonistic and heartfelt connection. *warm smile* Let me be your favorite part of the week, a necessary divergent indulgence.

I can offer you delicious supportive sexy comforts as your sweet sugar baby companion and/or forms of fetish cruelties if you prefer S&M Cat. *winks* 

Till then…



“She was struck by the simple truth that sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people…” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One

“We give little when we give of our possessions. 
It is when we give of ourselves that we truly give.” 
-Khalil Gibran

Orange County


        Incall (Luxury apt in Irvine) /              Outcall (I’ll visit you)

1 Hour:   $400 / $450

1.5 Hrs:  $500 / $550

2 Hrs:     $700 / $750

3 Hrs:     $1000 / $1050

4 Hrs:     $1200 / $1250

Sleepover (12 hrs): $2000

Day-cation (24 hrs): $3000

Weekend Muse (48 hrs):  $5000


Los Angeles/

San Diego

Incall (arranged at reputable hotels)/ Outcall (I’ll visit you)

1 Hour:   NA / $500

1.5 Hrs:  NA / $600

2 Hrs:     $900 / $800

3 Hrs:     $1200 / $1100

4 Hrs:     $1400 / $1300

Sleepover (12 hrs): $2000

Day-cation (24 hrs): $3000

Weekend Muse (48 hrs):  $5000


J’adore Ménage à trois

Couples I do adore…

 There’s something about couples that I absolutely adore! Let me help the fire between you burn a little brighter.

I’m very easy going for those ladies that are shy or for those who have never spent time with another woman… and I’m quite adventurous and exploratory with the experienced couple. 


Please don’t be shy about contacting me alone. I have a fluid nature and relish with profound pleasure the time I spend with other women.