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“Sex and art are the same thing.”

– Pablo Picasso

About Me

My desire is to be something devastatingly genuine, warm, and welcoming. There’s nothing more stimulating for me, than to be the woman that interrupts your busy thoughts with delicious moments of desire and playfulness. I will be a surreal memorie that lingers on your skin, overwhelming you with desire while you’re attempting to get work done; a sly smile on your lips long after we have parted, as you think about our secrets. I prefer a select few long lasting relationships where we can build moments of tantric fantasy and fluid playful intimacy, keeping us both exciting and new to each other every time we meet. I look forward to being your sugar baby!

Till then…

“We give little when we give of our possessions.

It is when we give of ourselves that we truly give.” 

-Khalil Gibran